Photos of the Bay of Somme and the Opal Coast

  • France, Somme (80), Baie de Somme, Quend-Plage, Les chars-à-voile sur la plage de Quend près des alignements de bouchots des mytiliculteurs (vue aérienne) // France, Somme (80), Bay of the Somme, Quend-Plage, sand yachts on Quend Beach near the rows of mussel growers' bouchots (aerial view)


I invite you to discover my photographs of the Baie de Somme and Picardie, as well as my images of the Côte d'Opale and especially the great site of the two Caps (Gris-nez and Blanc-Nez).

The portfolios are essentially dedicated to the nature photography in the Bay of the Somme and the Bay of Authie, whether it is landscape, of flora or animal photo, especially the seals. For the landscape photos, I try to illustrate the diversity of scenery offered by the coast of the baie de Somme: beaches, wetlands or cliffs, with the infinite variations brought by the tides, the seasons, or the weather... As for many photographers, it is often the arrival of an exceptional light that pushes me to shoot. I also try to illustrate the intimacy that men weave with this nature, especially in baie de Somme with the activities of fishing, gathering, mussel farming, and by tourism. Since a few years, I also practice the aerial photo thanks to a drone.

Photographing birds is also one of my great pleasures, and with time my photo galleries begin to gather a good part of the bestiary of the Baie de Somme .

The flora is also well present, from the salicornia and other halophilic plants harvested in this formidable pantry that is the bay of the Somme, to the flowers and mushrooms from the forest of Crecy, the main forest massif of the region. The gardens of the region are also well represented with the gardens of Maizicourt, of the Abbaye de Valloires, the Herbarium of Saint-Valery, the hortillonnages at Amiens...

Finally, you will also find photo galleries dedicated to the historical heritage and events of the region such as the Cathedral of Amiens, the Christmas market in Arras or the Bird festival in the bay of the Somme.

A few pages are also devoted to sharing experiences for photographers who want to try their hand at landscape photography in the region of the Bay of the Somme for example. You will also find all the information to know where and when to photograph the seals of the Bay of the Somme and the Bay of Authie without disturbing them. Similarly, for bird lovers, some sites conducive to bird photography in the Bay of the Somme are presented.

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