Photo exhibition on the quays of Saint-Valery

Update! It is quite possible that you will be able to enjoy this exhibition again in the spring of 2021! More info to come!

In a few days, about twenty of my images in large format will be visible along the quays of Saint-Valery for a beautiful outdoor exhibition. A big thank you to the municipality and I hope you will like the images!

The photographs selected illustrate the diversity of the avifauna of the Baie de Somme region as well as the main mammals that populate the foreshore and the estuary, for grazing (Scottish cows), breeding (salt-meadow sheep), walking (Henson horses) or for the enjoyment of visitors (seals!).

Here are some pictures of the exhibition along the docks. A total of 18 photos in 60×90 cm format are waiting for you.

Find below a short presentation of the exhibition written by Gontran Ponchel (in charge of development strategy and communication at the City of Saint-Valery-sur-Somme).

"From the quays of Saint-Valery, from where we discover the whole bay, Stéphane Bouilland takes us on a rich and delicate vision of the local fauna.

The spectacle of the living is permanent in our haven of greenery, and its familiar approach of an environment at the same time wild and domesticated allows us to contemplate here the emblematic species.

            His meticulous snapshots of natural life bear witness to an unspoiled emotion, always experienced by man when meeting animals, and are so many touching portraits of our other neighbors, seized in their various attitudes by the truth of the moment.

This is how an elegant can be distinguished by her long neck and her immaculate dress, when some others prefer to deploy an elaborate headdress or maintain a studied head carriage.

The admirable audacity of a conqueror, splitting the water in a voluntary gesture, rubs up with the daily effort of the courageous who are busy fishing, hunting and building in an ever-changing environment.

A few holidaying pachas lie in peace on their bumpy resting places, while fertile guardians exude a peaceful strength that seems to date back to the mythical dawn of time.

A lasting emotion is born from these fleeting impressions: that of enchantment at the beauty of the nature that surrounds us.

The famous light variations of the Bay of the Somme offer our animal gallery a wide range of soft colors with pastoral nuances.

Grey and blue hues accompany the brown ochre surfaces to sparkle the golden freshness of dawn and water. Then touches of green, white and red enhance this idyllic landscape with a lively and graceful presence.

The vertical lines seem quite frail in this infinitely horizontal universe, it is then the freedom of the curves and the vigor of the colors which finally express there best the harmonious, active and sensitive life.

And here are the images presented :

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