The path of boards in Cayeux-sur-mer

The chemin des planches in Cayeux-sur-mer extends for 1.8 km along the pebble beach, which is said to be the longest in Europe. It is installed by the municipality each spring and put away at the end of the summer season, before the first storms. The chemin des planches is lined with nearly 400 beach cabins which make all the charm of this destination. Traditionally white and green, the cabins have been partially repainted this year with great taste. This much richer and harmonious color palette, already makes the happiness of photographers.

At sunset, it is a must-see as the cabins are bathed in a beautiful golden light. Take the walk by reading the names given to each of its cabins, it's full of poetry and humor... From this spot, you can reach the cliffs and the Hâble to the south. To the north, it is the lighthouse of Brighton and the white road towards Le Hourdel and the bay of the Somme with a pleasant bicycle ride.

For the small story, these cabins appeared at the end of the 19th century, in the "belle époque" , before the First World War. The bourgeoisie discovered the fashion of sea bathing and the development of the railroad allowed the first tourists to come and enjoy the coast. The beach cabins were then used to allow the ladies to change. They replaced the canvas tents initially used. The first ones even had wheels to be brought closer to the water.

They are now largely privately owned but are listed in the general inventory of cultural heritage. Their installation is subject to strict specifications, it is forbidden to trade, sleep, or light a barbecue (Source) . Since this year, a beach bar is open with an architecture in the style of cabins, and offers entertainment to holidaymakers by hosting small concerts in particular.

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