Along the pastures...

They accompany most of my photo outings and yet it is rare that I give them the attention they deserve. To make up for this, here is a gallery dedicated to farm animals encountered in the pastures. You will find a series on donkeys near Cayeux-sur-mer, with common donkeys and Poitou donkeys, some fjord ponies crossed at the hâble d'Ault too. I add the Highland cows and especially their calves so photogenic, as well as the Salers with long horns. And for the anecdote, a group of wild boars which crossed the road near me one morning.

Oh la vache !



Elles sont belles ces Highland Cattle qui peuplent nos marais ! Ce printemps, j’ai eu l’occasion de croiser un petit veau de cette race de vaches écossaises. Une vraie peluche, tout à fait adorable ! Et quel plaisir de le voir gambader et cabrioler !

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